Downloadables for Preggy Moms

Forms, forms, forms!!! Along with long queues our social services office require some (or more) forms to facilitate the procurement of benefits for their clients.

Filipino pregnant women, especially those working or are dependents of employed relatives or self employed are required to accomplish and submit several forms to avail of maternity benefits.

Listed below are some of these forms. Accomplish them on time and you’ll be able to avail of these claims! Just click on the forms to start downloading.


Giving birth is a medical case covered by Philhealth.  For cesarean delivery, the coverage is P19,000. For normal delivery, it varies from 6,500 to P8,000. Read this for more about Philhealth benefit for moms.   This amount covered should be deducted from your hospital upon checkout.  If not, you can personally file for reimbursement.

Philhealth ClaimForm 1 

Click here to download the form

  • You should accomplish  and submit these to the hospital upon your confinement for delivery. Actually, we need to accomplish this form every hospital confinement.
  • Along with claim form 1, you’ll need to submit your latest Member Data Record. This you can get from your HR (for employed) or from your nearest Philhealth Branch. If you’re a dependent, make sure you are declared as dependent of your spouse (or other relative).  If not, you might need to submit an NSO-certified copy of your birth certificate or marriage contract, whichever is applicable to your status.
  • Read this for more on guidelines on accomplish the Philhealth Claim Form.


We got more than P30,000 worth of maternity benefit from SSS.  That amount serves as your allowance for the period you are resting after giving birth. The amount maternity  varies.  Read this for more on how to compute the maternity allowance. Ideally, this check should be given to you one month before your scheduled delivery.

SSS Maternity Notification Form

Click here to download the form

  • The SSS Maternity Notification must be filed at least 60 days from date of conception.
  • If employed, submit this to your HR. If self employed, submit to your nearest SSS branch.

Write on these forms clearly and legibly. Absolutely avoid erasures.

Be on the know so you’ll be able to assert your rights! But know your responsibilities as well!

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